The artist Foxtrot-Nation (Known by others simply as Foxtrot) is the artist and brains behind Since he was 12 years years he has had a fondness for anthro art (especially anything with foxes) when he got in his early teens he started to consistently draw anthro artwork, it wasn’t until he reached his 20s that he started doing raunchier artwork and posting what he made online and now with the creation of this website he has made it the home of his webcomic “FTN” a raunchy humor webcomic featuring his fursona, Chris Vulpine and his friends Matthew Clyde, Slam Pawgera ,Danny Jango and all the other characters of the FTN Universe. The webcomic updates about once a week on

Foxtrot’s other interest outside of his anthro artwork he is also an amateur bowler and bowls every now and again with his friends from High School. Foxtrot is also a huge horror movie fan with his favorites being Saw, A Nightmare On Elm.St, Friday The 13th and more. Above all else he loves to spread raunchy humor with his webcomic, FTN and doesn’t give a damn regarding who sees his work!