This was one I had a lot of fun writing and illustrating. I got the idea for this while I was at the vet with my sister to get help for my dog who was having trouble breathing. While my sister and I were waiting for the vet to tell me and my sister about my dogs diagnosis I got a text from my friend who I will call “Numbuh 225” jokingly asked everyone in a group text with our 3 other friends “Hey guys, What does Foxtrot want to be?” I even asked “What?” then he said “An infinite bar of soap at a women’s prison” and thus I created this comic a month later.

The vixen in the last panel is Makenzie Bell who is a OC of mine that has yet to be featured in FTN.

Also, I changed the font I’m using from “Back isssues” to “Komika text”. The reason is because Back issues is not free for commercial use and Komika is. This is so that if I ever decide to publish FTN into paperbacks and e-books I won’t have to worry about any issues legally speaking. However, I will have to re-type the text using Komika in FTN 0-11 before I do publish them if/whenver I decide to do so.